Spectre Opening Scene (By Christopher Ally)


007 is what people call James Bond and I can honestly say that his movies are licensed to kill as well. My all time favorite so far has to be “Spectre”, especially the beginning of the movie. During the beginning of this movie there was a complete different take on who James Bond was. It all started off with the Dia de Los Muertos parade. A large crowd surrounded a man walking the opposite way in all white. People including myself thought it was Bond but of course it was not that easy. The camera then makes a sudden swing to a man in a black outfit with a skeleton body on it and a woman in a dress. They walked up the stairs to her room where Bond shows his true identity. This is were all the suspense begins. Bond walks out the door and walks away as if he’s just going on a stroll. That isn’t the case, he then pulls out a gun while he was on roof tops after leaving the woman’s room. By doing this he has identified that the enemy was close. He point his gun to the window and all eyes are on the edge of their seats to see what he does. It is all about anticipation and that is what Bond does well in this movie. My attention was grabbed immediately by the parade and the only people walking to other way.

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