Anjali Homework #2: American Beauty

American Beauty is an award winning  film directed by Sam Mendes. It stars Kevin Spacey playing the main character, Lester Burnham, a middle aged father living in a suburban neighborhood and going though a mid life crisis. He grows very bored with his life as he doesn’t portray any enthusiasm. He then starts viewing life differently and goes though some changes.

The opening scene is Spacey’s monologue of Lester speaking to the audience about his life. He introduces himself as well as other aspects of his life that seems pretty typical and in the norm. Although, he goes on to mention the fact that he’s going to be dead in less than a year.  This immediately captures the audience’s attention yearning to know why he’s going to be dead. The audience will wonder what events will lead up to his death? What’s the reason for his death? and so on.  The music that plays throughout the monologue gives off a mysterious sense. As the music is playing and Spacey is speaking, there’s another layer that’s rather peculiar.

He further describes his mundane everyday life, and introduces other characters including his family. The audiences still ponders how his life goes from here and how it dramatically changes. The music crescendos towards the ending of the monologue. This adds to the buildup to when Lester says,”It’s never too late, to get it back”. That indicates that the viewers will witness how his life dramatically changes for the better, or the worse.

2 thoughts on “Anjali Homework #2: American Beauty”

  1. I just saw the opening and it made me want to watch the movie. I want to find how why his life is so mundane because he has the American dream. I want to see what he does that will turn his life upside down. But no matter what, i see this movie ending happily, so that is a bit disappointing. Still the hook got me to watch it. so i will =D

  2. It’s funny because I just saw this movie the other day and was reminded by how much I liked it. The opening sequence had a lot of impact because in the voice over he explains how he is going to die soon and the viewer gets to go on the journey and discover what led up to it. Good movie.

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