HW#1: Introduce Yourself!

My name is Inigo Montoya..., Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride (1987)
My name is Inigo Montoya…, Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride (1987)

As a follow-up to our first week, please tell your classmates a little about yourself and your interest in cinema. Have you ever taken a class about film history? What type of movies do you like? And how do you like to screen movies? From home? in movie theaters? on a large screen or on computer screens? Share your thoughts with your classmates by replying to this post. Click on “Leave A Comment” for this post and then submit your response. In addition, please register for an OpenLab account by next week. Please complete your Introductions BEFORE class on Tuesday February 23rd.

Who is Inigo Montoya? Found out here!

21 thoughts on “HW#1: Introduce Yourself!”

  1. This is my first film history class. I like cinema because it is interesting how someone can create a world that the viewer could get easily involved in no matter how unrealistic it may be. I will admit that my favorite genre is romantic comedies, but I generally like anything that includes comedic elements. I usually watch movies from Netflix in my home, though I do enjoy going to the movie theater once in a while.

  2. Hello,
    my name is Nelsy Alonso and I’m studying to be a radiologist, although I might change just because I grew interest else where. I’ve never taken any film history class, or film class in general, but what intrigued me into this class was that I’ve taken an art survey class online with this professor. Also, the fact that I work in a movie theatre.
    Working in a movie theatre inspired me to watch movies from different genres, but I have two specific movie genres that I love watching which is a romantic chic-flic, or just a very bloody gory movie. My favorite chic-flic is definitely “Titanic”, I’ve watched it over 9 times and I cry each time, and “Our Fault In Our Stars.” My favorite gory movie is “Saw” I-VII (VIII is rumored to be coming out!) and I actually watch the sequel every halloween. Altogether, gory would be my most favorite because its very scientific and you can actually learn something from the movie.
    I may work in a movie theatre, but I rather watch a movie on a laptop. With my laptop I can watch the movie anywhere and the screen is right infront of my face, so I can’t have any excuse for a distraction, plus I can put my headphones on when people are being loud around me. I generally watch a movie like once a week due to my busy schedule, but if I had the time I would probably lay back and watch one every single day.

  3. Hi. My name is Nadeem and I’m very interested in film and its history. I have never taken a class on cinema which makes this exciting for me. Film genres that I like to watch are documentary, adventure, and drama. I enjoy watching movies in a theater rather than at home, it tends to feel more dramatic and real when i watch it in a cinema. My three favorite actors are Denzel Washington, Shia Labeouf, and Leonardo Dicaprio

  4. My name is Yahir and I am a Communications Design student with the ‘Broadcast Design’ Concentration. I enjoy video very much and I like to create home movies and edit clips as a hobby. I plan on making it a career down the line as I have always had a fascination with editing, different camera shots, lighting, and editing effects. I don’t consider myself a “Movie Buff” but I do enjoy watching movies and most recently films. I like action movies as well as mystery/suspense. I do also enjoy the usual blockbuster but usually like to discover movies that I find interesting. I like a lot of things from the 90s like ‘Scream’ and ‘Seven’ and many others that I can’t remember at the moment. I also enjoy cult classics like ‘Scarface’ and I am still making it my mission to watch “Godfather 1 & 2” in addition to “Good fellas.” I also really like movies from the 80s as well such as “Breakfast Club” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.” I like movies that engage me.

    I mainly watch movies from home through Netflix or if I can catch it on Tv. I don’t keep up with all the other streaming services as I try to pay for and just focus on one. I also enjoy 70s movies such as “Saturday Night Fever”, and “Grease.” If I am trying to watch a show I don’t mind watching it from my computer but generally I prefer to watch movies from my television. I’ve taken a similar class on the subject two schools ago and really enjoyed it. For that class we were dissecting and analyzing Alfred Hitchcock movies such as “Psycho. ”

    With this class so far I am enjoying as I am learning about the birth of film from the very beginning something I wasn’t knowledgeable of.

  5. Hi. My name is Jasmine Dominguez. This is actually my second time taking a film class, but the first looking into the history of film itself. I’m pretty new to this. However, I’ve watched plenty of movies, many of which I loved and some…not so much. I prefer a lot of action, fast paced movies like Captain America and like to watch them in theaters. But, honestly, I prefer screening at home, it’s more convenient (to me).

  6. Hello fellow students, my name is Anjali and I’m a junior studying Entertainment Technology. I’ve been always been drawn in the entertainment industry for most of my life. I’ve attended a film high school which has supported, aided to my growth and knowledge of film production. I’ve taken a class prior to this one, called Films of Literature which was interesting. The class is pretty self explanatory with some brief history included. There’s always something to learn about film which is why I’m continuing my studies today. There’s always something profound that one can learn from cinema which makes it truly exceptional. I watch a wide variety of films from documentaries, horror, independent, comedies, romance, classics, and more. I like to screen movies in different settings. If it’s available on Netflix, then I’ll watch it on my good laptop. I would only watch a new release if it seems worthy of spending my good money. If I want to watch a specific film that isn’t available on Netflix then I would stream it from another website online. I believe that movies (whether on a laptop or TV) should be watched with the lights out. This is because I feel that the eyes will be focused on the only light available which is the screen. This also gives the viewer the full experience and won’t be distracted from external factors. The movie theatres first established this concept and I believe that that’s the perfect way to watch films.

  7. Hey class, my name is Cody and i’m a junior and i’m also a liberal arts major. This is actually the first film class that I’ve ever taken. I took this class because i wanted to learn more about the history of film. From the earliest films to the more modern films we have today. My favorite type of films tend to vary. From horror films like “Scream”, to comedies like “Superbad”, to sport films “A league of their own”. I usually stream films on Netflix my PS4 or on my laptop. Occasionally if i’m feeling old school i’ll pop in a DVD

  8. Hi, my name is Melvin Pantaleon and I am a Communications Design major. This is my first class in film that I have taken. My favorite kinds of movies tend to be action since I tend to get bored watching certain movies(unless they have a good plot of course). Action movies like most superhero films, the Mad Max series or martial arts based movies(Ip Man, The Raid, etc…). However, I really like psychological films, anything that can catch you off guard, like American Psycho. If I have the money, I prefer to watch movies in theaters, but if it’s an old one, then I can go online for that. My favorite films that I’ve watched are the ones I have mentioned(especially American Psycho and the Mad Max series), Full Metal Jacket, Whiplash, and most Tarantino films(most because I haven’t seen them all).

  9. Hello,
    My is Hao, I am a CST major, taking film seemed interesting compared to the other art history classes. I find general enjoyment in watching film. My preferences varies, but I have always like super hero films, like ironman, Guardians of the Galaxy etc…,The platforms I usually watch film on are in theaters and at home. I have no problems watching them any other way because an enjoyable film is enjoyable on any platform. =D

  10. This is my first year at city tech and I’ve heard a lot about film classes and so I decided to take this class to see how it would be and if I would end up taking more film courses, Although I’m a Mechanical Engineering major. My favorite types of movies are action, comedy and suspense. If a movie seems really interesting I usually go watch it in the theaters, but most of the time I wait until it comes out online( Netflix, or Hulu). I watch most movies on my laptop.

  11. Hey Everyone ! My name is Shawn Cuffy, if you didn’t know. I have not taken a film class before so this will be my first time taking this type of course. I love horror movies. Horror movies are very interesting to me because of the elements it provides to the audience such as the mystery, murder, action, plot, ext. I don’t necessarily have a particular favorite horror movie, however it goes between the series of Paranormal Activity and Halloween. I love watching movies in the movie theater because it really sets the tone better then sitting at home, watching a movie from your laptop or phone. Also I prefer the movie theater because there are a little less distractions. if your home, people or other environmental objects such your phone or something on the stove in the kitchen makes an easy distraction for someone to become lost on what is going on in the movie. Ultimately, I chose this class because it fits my required courses, I would like to learn about film, and become inspired in the production of my music videos.

  12. Hi, my name is Ese Abamwa and yes this is my first class in film that I have taken. My favorite kinds of movies are action and comedy type. I have not been to a movie theater for a while now I usually watch online on my laptop. This year I might buy a movie ticket to go watch all these superheros movie coming out. I also enjoy movies with a twist at the end that makes me wonder how did I miss that and so that’s why the character did that.

  13. Hey, my name is George Varghese and I am a Chemistry Major. I love movies from Schindler’s list to Cheech and Chong. Movies are great cause you feel like your a living different story each time. When I’m watching the new dead pool movie, obviously I am going to pretend I am him. I have taken a film class before. My favorite types of movie is definitely a comedy. My dad used to have the vhs tapes of Charlie Chaplin and he use to watch it all the time. Love comedies from Pulp Fiction to SuperBad, you just cant go wrong with that genre. To me it doesnt matter how i screen the movie, a movie theater is awesome cause of the huge screen. But at home, you dont need to worry about popcorn and soda price, when you can just make some loaded sriracha fries at home.

  14. Hey everyone!
    My name is Christopher Mark Ally and I am a part time Disc Jockey (DJ). I was given the opportunity in high school to take a film class but I chose not to because my interests were in computer technology. My girl friend took the same film class I was offered in high school, and also took another one in college (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) so I ended up learning many aspects about film as a whole. The types of movies I’m into are action and comedy. I prefer to watch movies in the movie theater to gather the full experience. I don’t mind watching television series through Netflix on my laptop during my free time, it’s relaxing and gets your mind off of every day responsibilities. Whether it’s at home or at the movie theater, I focus on sound when I watch movies. I grew up always wanting to be a DJ, and I finally made it to where I want to be. Focusing that much on a hobby, made me focus basically my entire life on sound projection, and all the different components in it and who and what it works with.

  15. Hi, my name is Bin Bin, it is nice to meet everyone. It is always weird to write about yourself. Cinema is something important to me. Movies was always something to bring my family together in the past. However as your siblings grow older, they themselves have other interests. So right now cinema is something for me to pass time. I have seen a great many of films, TV shows and documentaries. I know it is weird to say that I like documentaries, but I find them to be interesting most of the time, and sometimes it is fun to fall asleep to them. I have never taken a film history class, however I have taken history classes that involved the inventions of film. I like humor/action movies and I usually screen them on my computer monitor at home, sometimes I invite a friend over to watch and comment during the movie, always a bit more fun that way. I only been to the movie theatre once in the last ten years. I find them wayyy to expensive. Cinema has always been an escape for me, for that 2 hrs, the only thing that is happening in the world is what is going on in that movie and I know that is a bit sad but it is a nice way to relax.
    For favorite movies, i would say Song of sea, spirited away, god help the girl, Mr. Bean, well i do have a lot more but those are the ones that i think of on the spot. Feel free to comment =D

  16. My name is Raymond Jimenez! I am a liberal arts major, currently unsure exactly what i want to do in the future however I do enjoy editing videos I make with my friends for fun, so i decided to check out this class and learn some history on it, this is my first film history class. I love comedy films, Suberbad (2007) directed by Greg Mottola is my favorite. I also really enjoy Drama’s that can speak about societal issues while creating a story that can be related to by anyone like Boyz in The Hood (1991). I can watch movies anywhere, however i love the movie theater experience. The movie theater is perfect whether it be a family event, a first date, or even gathering a group of friends and watching a movie together and sharing each other’s thoughts and opinions on it over dinner.

  17. Hey everyone, my name is Olivia Gutierrez and this i my second year here at City Tech. I like learning about how film making got its start from photography. I love everything about photography so movies are the next best thing. I took a film class in high school but the main focus was on detective movies not the history. I typically like comedies/romantic comedies, horror, or suspenseful movies. I usually go to the movie theater to watch them or I watch them on my TV.

  18. Hi! My name is Gillian and I study political science. I’ve watched films for as long as I can remember but I’ve never taken a class specifically for them. I would have to say my favorite genre is period movies, with my favorite movie being Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. Thrillers and suspense are also great. My favorite way to enjoy a good film is from the comfort of my own bed on my laptop, usually with assorted foods to accompany me.

  19. My name is Woodrow, I go by Woody, I’m an Entertainment Technology student with a focus on sound and show control. I tend to prefer Sci-Fi and Action films but have not come to dislike any genres specifically. I had the opportunity last year to go to an outdoor screening at the tribeca film festival last year (that one of my professors worked on the sound system for) and now I’m sold on the idea of “drive in” style movie theaters with expensive sound systems. Generally I screen films at home on an external computer screen.
    I have not taken a film history class before.

  20. My name is Issa this is my first film class. I am a LAA major i am interested in the evolution of film throughout the years so i took this course. I like action and comedy movies and screen movies at home most of the time.

  21. Hello,
    My name is Luis Garcia and this also also my first introduction to film class. I chose this course as i had previously taken a literature film course the semester prior to this one and was interested in further pursuing knowledge in the inner workings of film history.
    It was a very interesting course and i look forward to learning about the origin of movies and about famous directors and movie producers who have shaped the film era to what it is now.
    I am a Computer Systems major looking to graduate next Spring with a love for Technology and history.

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