Jessica Pareja HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

Today everyone in society has at least a social media account or is aware of servers where you upload photos or videos. In social media, food photography has become big, and it becomes a trend. People like to take pictures of their food. Now people with a lot of followers are being paid to take a picture and post it on their social media. Owners no longer have to pay a professional food photographer to help them promote. Food photography posted on social media are interesting because of the color and the lighting. Just like Eggleston’s photographs where he uses color and brightness to make the photos glow. Food photography makes it desirable where it also makes people happy.

My family usually doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, however, for the holiday my family sometimes likes to go out and eat. We typically don’t cook for anything special for Thanksgiving. However, one of the things my family does on the holiday is bake or buy an apple pie. Either way, we enjoy eating an apple pie. The apple pie has been a  tradition in my family. Many people ask us why the apple pie and it’s because it represents the times when my family and I use to celebrate Thanksgiving where we would cook all day and spent that day together. Over the time, due to circumstances, we stopped, and the apple pie is something we only do. It’s the only thing we have time to gather together and eat.  We like apple pie it’s sweet and delicious. Like I mentioned before, you need color and lighting to make it desirable to people.

My Thanksgiving apple pie


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