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Homework 4

Robert Frank was an extraordinary photographer in my opinion. He depicted America in a way that is unique through his photographs. Like Peter Galassi said, “the people often look distracted or bored”, and Frank was able to capture how the … Continue reading

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CAH: HW 4 Robert Frank’s America

Robert Franks photography book The Americans (1958) changed the world’s approach of Americans and art photograph. The video is about the exhibition of photographs from the American and the ones that did not make it into publications. The photographs were … Continue reading

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Robert Frank was born on November 9, 1924 is a Swiss-American photographer and documentary filmmaker. His work known as a  book titled The Americans. His photography was very important that he captured ordinary. As a photographer he want to see … Continue reading

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Robert Frank’s photography book, “The Americans” was very impressive because those photos did not only capture the ordinary life of Americans but also society as a whole. In 1950’s, racism was an issue that was not blatantly shown to the … Continue reading

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Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America-LAST HW

    The book, “The Americans” (1958) by Robert Frank is a great publication of 83 photographs taken of people in the 1950s. Frank’s goal was to capture America in its everyday lives. With this book Frank changed the worlds … Continue reading

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I believe that people take food photograph because they want to share a moment with our followers; friends and family by posting on social media. To have the ability to capture the colors in the picture that show the favor of … Continue reading

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#HW4 Robert Frank

                         Robert Frank and “The Americans” Robert Frank was an American Swiss photographer, who emigrated to the United States in 1947. Frank at that time had a great conception … Continue reading

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This is a photo of the pumpkin pie that I made for the Thanksgiving. I think that food photography is great because we all like food. We all eat, so why wouldn’t anyone love looking at pictures of food and … Continue reading

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HW#3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

For Thanksgiving, I had turkey with a side of mashed potatoes. Food photography has become somewhat of a sensation for others. With social media platforms like Snapchat, people are able to share their experiences immediately by posting a picture or … Continue reading

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Houssynatou Barry, HW #3: Thanksgiving

    Above are photos of yolk desert and cronut with vanilla Unfortunately I do not celebrate thanksgiving but I found these picture that I took in my culinary class at senior high. One thing I for sure learned in that … Continue reading

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