Homework #4: Robert Frank’s America-LAST HW

Robert Frank, Drugstore, Detroit, 1955-56

Robert Frank, Drugstore, Detroit, 1955-56

For this homework assignment, please watch a short video on a recent exhibition at Stanford University’s Cantor Center for Visual Arts. The exhibition highlighted Robert Frank’s seminal photography book The Americans (1958) and the photographs that didn’t make it into the publication. The book contains only 83 photographs but Robert Frank took many more. The video gives you a tour of the exhibition with the curator Peter Galassi, formerly of MoMA. What do you think of the themes addressed in Frank’s photographs, do you find them artistic? bleak? or political? Please make sure you review your notes on Robert Frank for the final exam.

Take a short tour of the Cantor exhibition on Robert Frank here. 

To complete this homework assignment, please submit a 200-word post. Please make sure you only check off the category #studentHW.

Please submit your posts by Monday December 11th!

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