Final Exam: Short List and Terminology

Andre Kertesz, Empire State Building in a Puddle, 1967

The Final Exam is on Monday 12/18 at 11:30 am, please arrive on time to avoid missing the slide identification section. It is not possible to go back to Part I after the exam begins. 
Please note that the short list for the final exam is posted online under Class Downloads/Slide Lists.

The format is the same 4-part format as on the midterm. As discussed several times in class, the terminology section no longer concerns processes but art movements. To review the format, look at Exam Format under Class Downloads on the tab above.

The following are the terms for the Terminology section of the Final Exam.

Choose 3 of the following terms to discuss.  Write a few complete sentences defining the art movement and give an example.

Russian Constructivism


Group f.64


Social Landscape

Pictures Generation


Good luck studying for Finals!

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