Houssynatou Barry, HW #3: Thanksgiving


Above are photos of yolk desert and cronut with vanilla

Unfortunately I do not celebrate thanksgiving but I found these picture that I took in my culinary class at senior high. One thing I for sure learned in that class is that the way the food is displayed in a plate really does matter, the decoration draws in the consumer’s attention and wants (to eat eat the food), and right there count as of 60% for whether or not the consumer would want to come back at the same restaurant if, it’s one. I believe that food photography also holds the same exact power on consumers, because I personally would want to taste some type of food that I have never even know existed, just because I saw its picture and loved how it looks.


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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    These are good photos and you have a nice eye for plating, thank you for sharing.

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