HW#2- Food and Coffee in the Civil War

During the civil war, the food that was given to the soldiers was terrible in my opinion. They had no proper food besides little portions of meat if that even counts. The hardtack was hard to the point they were called “tooth breakers.” that must’ve been brutal to go through the entire war without proper nutrition. On top of that, they had a mindset that coffee was a good fuel for them, when that just made things a whole lot worse in my opinion.

If I had to choose between giving up food or coffee, I would give up coffee in a split second. It’s not a part of my day all the time because I don’t try to drink a lot of other drinks besides water. One food that I can’t live without is potatoes. This is because potatoes have so many forms that are so good like potato chips, french fries, mash potatoes, and hash browns. Those are just some of the amazing forms of potatoes.http://images.wisegeek.com/potatoes-against-white-background.jpg

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