HW#2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

Amena Miah

Sandra Cheng

Art History 1100

12 October 2017

Food and Coffee in the Civil War

If I had a choice to give up food or coffee, I would give up coffee because food will always keep me full. Coffee can make me really hyper at the beginning and then really drowsy. I think it is disgusting that to kill any bug in their food, they would dip their hardtack in the hot coffee. I don’t think that is safe at all because this means that they probably ate bugs with their food before. I don’t think their diet was healthy because it seems to me like they were having breakfast three times a day.

It is fascinating how the soldiers survived with coffee. They were energized by the dosage of caffeine they would get from drinking the coffee. I think coffee back then was their Redbull or Monster drink. It woke them up after long marches and tiring activities. Personally, I think that older adults are addicted coffee more because no matter how much hard work they do, drinking coffee will always keep them awake. It is understandable why they became addicted to coffee.

I thin that I cannot live without rice because I think that it is something I always need to eat at least once in a day and it runs through my family and many Asian countries. Rice just takes perfect with any side entrees and I know that consuming too much of this isn’t healthy, so people should limit themselves to having it once a day like I do.

About Amena Miah

My interest in graphic design sparked when I started to draw more designs instead of actual objects or people. I always loved creating designs and crafting since I was 8 years old, it took me into another world because I was only focused on art and thinking of ways to make it look more appealing. It’s really interesting to learn new ways to design because I was never interested in doing art with technology, but now I think designing through technology is a more broad and competitive way of designing. Since technology is taking over, it is also making designing much more easier because personally I think that most of the famous designs in the world today would not have been possible to make without technology. It is fascinating to go to a gallery and find out how different artists created their work, and it is something I enjoy doing. I have taken other classes in this major such as; Typography 1,Graphic Principles 1, Graphic Principles 2. From these classes I have learned to expand my ideas and create something that has a bit of me in it. Instead of strictly making what the professor showed us as example of the projects we needed to do. It really took me out of my comfort zone because I was so used to making exactly what the professor wanted, and now I just try to follow along the guidelines while I create my project. I feel that Communication Design is a very broad major that is expanding more and more every year.
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