Samuel Lau: HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

There are many social media platforms that play a major role in photography. For example, Instagram, one of the most impactful and massive social media platforms allow users to make posts dedicated to pictures. These pictures can be intimate, or they can be used to advertise. Other similar social media platforms include Snapchat and Twitter. Snapchat allow users to display pictures or videos with a comment for a 24 hour period. After you post the content for 24 hours, the content will delete by itself. Given that, many people often post pictures of themselves on social media to refine the way that they want to appear. Moreover, editing apps help illustrate a better persona on social media. In the article “Cindy Sherman Takes Selfies (as Only She Could) on Instagram”, Cindy Sherman constructed and adapted a new way to take selfies. She developed a unique way to edit her selfies to make it more artistic. It is amusing that Sherman once said that sharing photographs on social media was “vulgar” to her. Now, she is considered an art sensation on social media. Consequently, photography is illustrated through social media platforms in many different ways everyday. One, in which Cindy Sherman designed aesthetically.

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