Houssynatou Barry HW:1 Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Houssynatou Barry

History of Photography

Professor Chang


Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

For some people, social media is a source of information but what it is most used for is posting pictures or videos, and self expression. Instagram is one of the most used social web that allows you to share photos. For celebrities such as Cindy Sherman, using Instagram is much more than just a way of expressing herself, instead she might use it as her own way of bringing change in the world, because as a celebrity her opinion is viewed in a higher level than one of an ordinary person. Perhaps the  reason behind her excessive filter using and face deformation is to support the idea that society or in this case social media cannot define beauty. If Cindy Sherman, a well known artists who many people look up to, is capable of making herself look like an old wrinkled old lady in front of the whole world, then who wouldn’t want to show off their “imperfectness” as defined by society . A photography is a piece of art which doesn’t have to be pretty but instead meaningful, just as facial expression can very well define a person’s mood, a piece of art must have a meaning even if it changes depending on who defines it.

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