Social media is means of broadcasting ones life, their social life. The well know Instagram platform has become the place to upload beautiful pictures of breathtaking landscapes, funny pictures, and the most famous, selfies. What are selfies? When you take a picture of yourself using your smartphone or a laptop, that is what is known as a selfie. Selfies are ways to show an individuals good side. In my opinion selfies seems artificial, a person aims to get the perfect picture of themselves. To do this the person can continually take pictures of themselves to get the perfect one. It’s not in the moment as most photographs are. People can also edit the picture to exaggerate a certain body part. For example girls make Photoshop their butts to make them appear larger than it actually is in person. A man may Photoshop his muscles to make them seem bigger. All this is done to please society. Cindy Sherman has given selfies a whole other definition. Sherman edits her pictures in a way that distorts her face to exaggerate an emotion. For example in one pictures she is smiling and to exaggerate the emotion she may edit her smile to make it bigger or her eyes to make them smaller. Sherman pictures are unique, you can tell she doesn’t care what people think about her appearance if she is willing to distort it in such a manner that makes her seem very abnormal.

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