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Family ( Assignment Part 1 )

How’s my family you ask? Do you really wanna know what they’re about? Cool , Let’s go : If I was to describe my family from a T.V show, it would be ” Proud Family “. ( Love that show by the way. ) As crazy and annoying those characters may be , they teach us important values of life and a big part of those values are love and happiness. When I’m talking about my family, I’m not just speaking upon people I live with; I’m talking about beyond. My mom’s three sisters, their two husbands, and four children. Yes I’m preaching about them T-H-E-UM “Them” my immediate family. I promise you  they are best group of people I’m proud to be stuck with for past 23 years of my life. Friendly, Big Hearted, Socialable, Kind, Loveable, Wise, Down To Earth, and Truly Goofy.

My mom is like a Sour patch mixed with Halls cough drops. Sour, Sweet, Never gone but smoothing. Outgoing and popular with a personality like no other ; Always shining out and through. Oldest one of them all. I have two middle aunts : First middle sister reminds me of national geographic, history, cultural, some things informational, snappy and silly but has a voice of many angels that I grew to love. Current teacher heading for her masters degree ( You Go Girl ). Second middle sister is nutty professor. Loves Jesus, laughing, joking and helping out others.  My last aunt is Boss Baby, her way or no way, Yep small and in charge. Gorilla glue of this family group. We don’t see her on the daily because she lives so far away but that doesn’t stop her from bringing us all together and planning our greatest trips winter nor summer. Planner, organizer, and scale of us all.

All of my cousins are in  same group except for one or two. We have big goals and dreams that we’re chasing and catching, same for my brother. As for me, I got a little family of my own. I got a young king to raise , yep my little lion . . King. Yes , Oh How I Just Can’t Wait To Be . . . . King!. Zamare, My boy, my joy, my half that makes me whole. With this bundle of cuteness, I know I have a long journey to go. Two year old smiling, dancing and cheesing with a sneaky and clever twist. He can raise above any crowd , he could never be hard to miss.


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