CITATION: The Laura Flanders Show. “Automating Inequality: Virginia Eubanks.” youtube, January 2 2019, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=76&v=ADYxJU0WyJA&feature=emb_title.

Virginia Eubanks, the author of Automating Inequality which is compacted with stories of poor families on welfare in America, which describes how automated systems as a way surveil and punish the poor. Eubanks lists how automated systems go about discriminating like for example by predicting the out come of families or neighborhoods  which is basically criminalizing them before they did anything, which is a form of discrimination and a violation of privacy rights in the sense that the data you provide the government is not being used just as a way of verification but also as a means to predict any possible outcomes which will determine how much you will get in welfare.

CITATION:The Zero HourWith RJ Eskow “Virginia Eubanks: Automating Inequality”, February 26 2018,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85POpWOvscI&feature=emb_title

In this interview with Virginia Eubanks, Eubanks explains the affect of employing automated systems rather than actual people, where it resulted in the denial of ” 1 million” people who needed welfare, due to the any issues found in the application process. Eubanks also brings up an interesting point that refer to the assumption we have a bout A.I’s being neutral but they aren’t because A.I’s are a reflection of a set of algorithms that their programer programed them to follow.


CITATION: Rector, Robert “Understanding The Hidden $1.1….” The Heritage Foundation,April 5th 2018, https://www.heritage.org/welfare/report/understanding-the-hidden-11-trillion-welfare-system-and-how-reform-it

This chart shows the earning in blue, and the different welfare program that cover basic benefits, like school meals or food stamps in shades of orange. as you can see welfare plays a major role in filling in the gap in order for the poor to live decently. Seeing this data you can imagine what it would be like if these welfare payments are being denied. in chart two where the new system, in red is refering to automated systems has increase the amount of welfare payment suspensions due to any errors identified by A.I.

CITATION:Gomes, Luke Herniques“The Automated System Leaving Welfare Recipients Cut Off With Nowhere to turn.” The Guardian, October 16 2019,https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/oct/16/automated-messages-welfare-australia-system

CITATION: PBS NewsHour “India’s national ID program raises privacy concerns”,july 29 2017,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDg2CFlvQd0&feature=emb_title

This video explains the importance and the use biometric technology in India, which includes any form of identification like fingerprint, ID and ect, is a necessary in order to recieve welfare of any kind from the government, to put it simply people are trading their right of privacy in order to receive government help.  The video also describes the issue with a system that depends solely on digital data where those who aren’t as digitally advanced are put in a unfavorable situation. This is one example of an trend that is not only happening in India but around the world, this idea of trying to digitalize everything.