This video gives background on a financial crisis in 2008 that led to the use of austerity which is the reduction of all economic spending in order to prevent debt, some examples of this is how half a million sector jobs were cut, or how welfare spending was cut dramatically. Because of this  financial crisis the UN sent Philip Alston to do a report on the UK, his report revealed the increase of poverty which is the result of the austerity policy, his report had other shocking findings that aren’t discussed in this video.


CITATION: Jouralism, Media and Comedy “Digital welfare in the UK” youtube, November 8 2018,

This video refers Philip Alston whose report on the poverty of the UK and other countries reveals the negative affects of digitalization  and datafication on public services specially welfare programs which directly effect the poor. This is a meeting between different groups of society to address the issues that involve discrimination, violation of rights, inequality and privacy issues that arise with this digital Era.