My name is Charisse A. Robinson.

Growing up I wanted to be a doctor( obstetrician to be exact), my junior high school counselor decided Clara Barton high school for Health Professions would be a great choice for me and I begged him to take it off my high school list. Of course that was the first and only school on my list of 12, if I remember correctly, that accepted me. Clara Barton high school was an amazing experience, I was in a very rigorous nursing program, Licensed practical nurse (LPN), for the last 2 years of high school in which I would volunteer at kings county hospital center, Wycoff medical center and Susan B. Mickenly nursing home as a stundent LPN in order to get a certain amount of clinical hours to complete my current grade. I dropped out of the LPN program at the end of my junior year due to stress and the emotional roller coasters of losing my hospice patients. From there I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew nursing was out of the question, my next option would be management. Back in April 2016 I began working in park slope at a salad bar called “Just Salad” then I began working at Carmines family style restaurant a little over a year ago. I started looking into hospitality management as a career but during that semester I messed up my classes thinking I was a full time student and I wasn’t so I had to pay out of pocket although APTS helped. Since then I’ve had ups and downs in every aspect of my life but I am proud to say a year later I am apart of the BTech hospitality management program. I plan to get my bachelors in hospitality management then go back to school for an associates degree in either marketing management or health services administration. My goal is to become a food critic although I must work on my writing.

Im very outspoken, energetic, extremely understanding, caring, kind hearted, helpful, I work well under pressure, etc.

At a very young age I taught myself how to cook. I didn’t teach myself how to cook everything, my family taught me many things as well. My first time cooking, I made myself scrambled eggs, I remember I was about 8 years old and my sister told me she was going to take a nap, I recall telling her about 4 times that I was going to make eggs she told me not but I knew no one in my house would ever let me cook eggs so I had to prove to them I could do it all alone, I mean how hard could it really be all you do is crack the egg in a bowl beat it and push it around the skillet. The one thing I didn’t know when making the scrambled eggs was that it required butter so it wouldn’t stick. The evidence was everywhere but fortunately I didn’t get into any trouble but from there my family decided it was time to teach my how to cook. Little did I know this now meant that now I would be cooking for myself now and occasionally my parents would cook. I’ve always had a thing for food, preparation, presentations, etc anything that involves food because I love food.


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