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Throughout this internship I’ve learned a lot about working in a large organization with ties to several other large organizations. The office of Assessment at Brooklyn College has several programs and partners. One such program is the DEII ( Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Institutionalization) . The DEII is an offshoot of the NGA which is a partnership between Brooklyn College and the University of Florida. 

This large and intertwined union means that there are several masters to please. Projects have enough variety to keep them interesting for a bit, but the work is very stiff and buttoned up. It means that design outcomes are often more utilitarian and less exciting. Doing this work has possibly helped me decide what kind of work I want to do in the future. At the outset of my collegiate journey I kind of wanted to get into a larger company like a bank or hospital and work in-house. The structure and stability was perhaps most appealing, but I think I’ve changed my perspective on this somewhat. 

While I am not interacting on a deep level with the material and mission of the NGA I can see that assessment is an important aspect of making a college more efficient. Furthermore their devotion to diversity and inclusion is admirable as integrating more diverse people at the collegiate level ultimately impacts diversity in the working world. Addressing this issue upfront, by addressing the needs and concerns of the faculty and students is a great way to begin solving these problems. 

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