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Throughout most of this internship I’ve been the only intern. This first portion of the internship was interesting because at the outset of the internship it seemed largely about completing one project. However, as time has gone on, the speed in which projects have come and gone has increased. This is due in some part to the fact that we now have another intern. 

With another intern on staff we’ve been able to pass the baton to one another on some projects making it so that we can get to the iteration phase faster. It is a relief to have someone else to pass a project to if you’re struggling or are unavailable due to scheduling and know that the team is moving closer to the end goal. 

As the semester has gone on we’ve become more and more in sync when it comes to uploading files and making sure it is easy to pickup work from one another. My teammate also has created assets for things that I’m currently working on, and we’ve also collaborated on a direction for a logo. Having team members to bounce off of changes the experience tremendously in a positive way. 

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