Philosophy Statement

Nursing is such an important profession seeing as it deals with providing care for others, whether it be physical or emotional. Nursing is much more than just a job. Nurses deal with real people living real lives, and this must be considered with every encounter. Every encounter or interaction with someone leaves an impression. As nurses, we must do all that we can to leave positive impressions on everyone we encounter, whether it be patients, their families, coworkers, or even strangers. As nurses, we must be willing to provide care to all people, no matter the skin tone, religion, beliefs, or language difference.

Being a great nurse entails many things. Nurses must be kind, respectful, fair, nonjudgmental, open-minded, and most importantly advocates. Often, we care for people when they feel sick or out of the ordinary. As such, we must advocate for the patient, build trusting relationships, and put the patients first. We are to support the patient, their decisions, and their families, while providing the best care we possibly can. Nurses have a commitment to care for and protect their patients. Being a great nurse goes beyond just completing necessary tasks and duties. Being a great nurse entails holistic care, supporting the patient physically and emotionally, and always respecting the patient’s wishes.

Nurses should always be able to positively impact people’s lives. Nurses should provide medical care while being compassionate and understanding of the patients. Every interaction should be filled with good intentions and positivity, no matter how the nurse may be feeling. Nurses should walk in to each person’s lives with a smile. A smile and a small greeting go a long way, and in nursing this is especially important. Anyone who needs nursing care may feel out of control and ‘under the weather’ but as nurses, we must encourage the patient to maintain control, to be independent, and to understand that they are truly being cared for.

Nursing is much more than just a paycheck. It is filled with responsibilities, hardships, emotions, and many ups and downs. However, every nurse should be positive, caring, and compassionate with each and every patient they encounter. Patients are having a hard time too and as nurses, we must provide emotional and physical support while trying to brighten the day of everyone we encounter. Nursing is more than a job, it is a lifestyle and attitude that we live by.