I had a very interesting networking event to share. It was done in my Monday advertising class. My professor whose name is professor Shanton Winston invited a guest to come into our class and talk a little about what they do as creatives and answer questions. I want to talk about two of these classes as he invited a different guest on two separate occasions.

Both guests were women and does something that I would want to do in the future as a career so that was really awesome!

The first guest was Ali Fung. She is a Senior Product Designer at Prudential. I asked her so many questions about her job and how the pandemic affected her work. I was so intrigued by everything she said as I have a huge interest in UXUI design! We even had similarities, one being that we both found out UXUI design later in our college careers. Overall, I connected with her on LinkedIn and was super excited that we had a mini networking event right in class!


The following week we all met Nicole “Nyki Elle” Reed. She is a freelancer who primarily does Photographer and Copywriting. What I loved about meeting her is that immediately after saying hello to us she asked each of us to introduce ourselves. I really liked that because it made the whole experience more interactive and made it feel like we were a part of something altogether. It made it feel like we were in person more than online. I hope I explained myself well, but I am not sure. Moving on, she gave a whole presentation on who is she, where she started, what she’s done and doing, and so on. It was a beautiful design presentation as well as beautifully detailed. I asked her so many questions as I would love to take freelancing seriously in the future. I loved how her work was very inclusive and she overall gave an engaging presentation. I also connected with her through LinkedIn.