Week of October 5, 2021

I am having so much fun at my internship even though it is virtual. I feel like I am really getting settled in and I am not anxious anymore. I truly look forward to the weekly meeting for multiple reasons. I love seeing my team’s work and giving feedback, I love sharing work that I am proud of and getting helpful feedback that helps me make my designs better. It is honestly so helpful. I even love dressing professionally every week from the waist up and being physically present through the camera. I am so excited and proud of the work that I have created. The weeks prior I was anxious, way too cautious, and felt unsure of my design skills. I felt like my design sense wasn’t good enough. I will talk about that in another entry.

Moving on let me actually write about what actually happened this week. On Tuesday, October 5th, 2021, at 5:00 pm we make our weekly group meeting where all the interns, senior design team and our head professor Biehl meet. This is where we get updates on where we are with our projects, share our visuals, and reveal feedback on what direction we should go in. We also have little assignments that professor Biehl assigns us all and they are due at the next meeting. This week we were supposed to have done some social media research. The bullet points below are what we were supposed to focus on. Professor Biehl always sends us a follow-up email to remind us of what our assignments are. The bullet points below are what professor Biehl sent us.

  • Become familiar with City Tech’s social media accounts.
  • Do you notice any trends in their communications? What works?
  • Look at other schools inside/outside CUNY for additional examples. 
  • View FC website (banners/events calendar)
  • What opportunities do you see for reaching the academic community?
  • How might you see this in relation to your individual projects?

I was very vocal and shared many thoughts and findings. I felt proud that I was able to share my research and thoughts with everyone and it really made me feel like a part of a team. I love working in this kind of collaborative environment. It’s so fun and helpful. I love having a team that I can rely on to give me honest feedback and help me become a better designer. I have a client and I’m working on a project with multiple parts and a close deadline, but it is so fun still. I Sent so many emails this week to my client, mentor, and cc’d professor Biehl. Emails used to give me so much anxiety because I wanted to send the perfect email and overthought every single word, but my internship has helped me so much. I don’t put emails off anymore and I don’t beat myself up over every word choice. I love to send emails now lol. I like checking things off of my checklist and planner. It’s so rewarding. Concluding, I sent off one deliverable to my client a save the date digital flyer and I recreated a flow chart that I have to send my client, as well as my mentor, informed me that the format needed some work. I agreed with him as well and now I feel that it looks much better. I am awaiting his feedback so I can make the changes and send it off to my client. This is getting very long lol I am sorry I just had a lot of fun writing this all out. Sorry professor and my classmates if you read this. I hope you are all well, I am well and awaiting to get confirmation from my client on when we can have our second meeting because he has another request. P.S I have two more assignments and that makes me feel good. But those two have not really started yet. I am doing sketches for one though and I will explain more in another entry. That is all.