Week of August 31, 2021

This was my first official internship meeting day. I had my camera on and my business casual attire on. I was ready and excited but also extremely nervous. We were being prepared to show our cameras when we were in training. We did not always show ourselves though, but I feel because our mentors were always showing themselves it became more natural and comfortable for us. For example, going back to our last training day meeting. We did a group presentation and were required to have our cameras on. So, I feel my training really prepared me for my internship and the future of my professional career because I will probably be doing a lot of meetings and interviews via zoom in the future.

So, during the meeting, some of the interns received their first clients I believe from what I can remember. 1 to two out of the four of us. Professor Biehl showed us some graphics, the website, and informed us of some information that we need as designers for Faculty Commons. Then the senior designers shared their updates on the projects that they were doing. This is something that we, interns have done in our training sessions and will do once we are assigned our first clients.

We also had to send one of our web designers a profile picture of either of us physically or illustratively along with a short bio about our self and what we are in charge of doing at faculty commons. Lastly, we have a group excel spreadsheet document that all the designers must use to update and inform professor Biehl on what we are doing and done throughout the week regarding our projects. I wish I had an image of my spreadsheet originally it looked a lot different. It had a powderpuff girl’s color scheme and no information lol. Only the headers and they were different as well.

Professor Biehl also gave us our first assignment. We were to look around at other schools inside and outside of the CUNY system and see what other organizations are doing that are alike what we do for city tech as faculty commons. This information was to be shown or related verbally to what was found next week at the group meeting. Things that should be at attention were what are they doing good at, what could use some work, and how are they handling their social media presence, etc. I shared my findings verbally at the next meeting.