Week of September 21, 2021

So much happened this week but then again not really. I missed the weekly group meeting for a dumb reason. A misunderstanding, to be honest. Our group meetings time was shifting around, and this was the first time we met at 5 pm. Professor Biehl asked if this time would work for everyone, and I said yes. Two others said yes as well however, I assumed that everyone had to confirm the meeting before it would happen. However, it was making it if you can to the meeting. I emailed professor Biehl explaining why I missed the meeting. She understood.

Moving on I feel like my internship truly started this week. I had my first meeting with my client on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, I was so, so nervous. I felt like running away lol. It’s something about having clients that are connected to my classes and academic career that gives me the jitters. I just don’t want to mess up and make my professors, internship present, and groupmates disappointed. If it were just my client, a client I found outside of school I wouldn’t feel so pressured because there is no one I would affect by doing less than standard but myself. Designing badly or being the weakest link in a group throws the project and the group’s chemistry off. So going back to the topic of discussion, my first internship client meeting. I came up with many questions to ask him and even sent them to my mentor the night or so before due to my nerves. I asked if any of my questions were unnecessary, and he gave me feedback. I almost missed the meeting as my client asked to meet the next day but I didn’t check my email. My mentor texted my phone to inform me. Professor Biehl also emailed me about my client emailing me. I honestly felt so grateful but also so embarrassed and unprofessional. The next day I got ready and started the meeting like 45 minutes too early and just waited lol. I wanted to make sure my camera looked okay and my appearance. My mentor joined and then my client.

We introduced ourselves and then my client did most of the talking lol. He knew what he wanted, and I took notes. My notes were not the best lol. I was so nervous, and he spoke a lot and I got lost. My mentor took notes too lol, so I was truly appreciative. I made one mistake. I ASKED if he wanted any specific copy, he wanted in the posters, etc., and then he told me I will leave it up to you. I was horrified lol. My mentor and I meet separately after the meeting with my client to go over my notes and make sure I understood what I needed to do. He informed me that you shouldn’t have asked him about the copy like that. He told me instead to next time ask when the copy will be ready lol. I made sketches for the project about 23 lol on the same day since my mind was fresh. I sent it to my mentor, and he told me which to go with and to make some digital compositions to show at the next meeting and oh boy did I drop the ball… TBC

a video I made to explain my concepts to my mentor