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Networking event 2

I had a very interesting networking event to share. It was done in my Monday advertising class. My professor whose name is professor Shanton Winston invited a guest to come into our class and talk a little about what they do as creatives and answer questions. I want to talk about two of these classes as he invited a different guest on two separate occasions.

Both guests were women and does something that I would want to do in the future as a career so that was really awesome!

The first guest was Ali Fung. She is a Senior Product Designer at Prudential. I asked her so many questions about her job and how the pandemic affected her work. I was so intrigued by everything she said as I have a huge interest in UXUI design! We even had similarities, one being that we both found out UXUI design later in our college careers. Overall, I connected with her on LinkedIn and was super excited that we had a mini networking event right in class!


The following week we all met Nicole “Nyki Elle” Reed. She is a freelancer who primarily does Photographer and Copywriting. What I loved about meeting her is that immediately after saying hello to us she asked each of us to introduce ourselves. I really liked that because it made the whole experience more interactive and made it feel like we were a part of something altogether. It made it feel like we were in person more than online. I hope I explained myself well, but I am not sure. Moving on, she gave a whole presentation on who is she, where she started, what she’s done and doing, and so on. It was a beautiful design presentation as well as beautifully detailed. I asked her so many questions as I would love to take freelancing seriously in the future. I loved how her work was very inclusive and she overall gave an engaging presentation. I also connected with her through LinkedIn.


Journals 11, 12, 13

11) A collaborative project that I’ve worked on was a project called “Honors and commencement cover contest”.  The project was between me and a fellow senior designer at faculty commons, it was assigned to her, and I was going to help in any way that she needed. In general, the project contained revamping an open lab website and creating a banner for said website originally. In total, I communicated with 3 people, my coworker, myself, and the client. Starting with what didn’t go right at first was the communication. I say this because I was introduced to the project later, so I didn’t have all the information. I didn’t get to meet the client like you usually do so that added to my confusion. I was sent a thread of the previous emails and was told to create a banner, there was no discussion of the needs or wants of the client. Moving on to the positives the client was very nice and responsive, so it made it easier to communicate with her moving forward. Another positive was that my coworker kept me on my toes regarding upcoming due dates and reminders. Overall, the project concluded with several edits to the banner and additional design centered around social media. 

12) I feel proud of my performance during my internship at the faculty commons. I felt very confident throughout this experience although this semester has been hectic. I was responsive and ready to work with every client I met. I always conducted myself with a professional attitude with my clients and coworkers. Every week during our faculty common meetings, I came prepared to share, respond, and help faculty commons with any agenda we were discussing. For every meeting with faculty commons and clients, I came dressed for success meaning business casual. I was always eager to learn and help members of my team. I feel very proud of my contribution to my internship thus far. 

13) The person who I want to mention that has become a role model to me during my internship is Professor Mary Ann Biehl. Professor Biehl is the co-director of faculty commons, and she honestly feels like a superwoman to me. She is so involved with the work we do at faculty commons, every week she is there at our weekly meetings helping us improve our work through constructive feedback and so much more. She is also my professor for another class. She evaluates other professors, answers every email in a timely fashion even though she is very busy, and is even a part of a committee of professors that try to make our school a better place. However, the quality that I admire most of all about professor Biehl is that she always does things with a smile. Her attitude is always a pleasure to be around.