Intermediate & Advanced Fashion

Students work on making edits to their sketches for their embroidery design. I come around checking student’s work and giving them approval to start transferring their designs to the burlap fabric. I give the teacher graded handouts for her to enter into her gradebook. I give back student work and inform students who need to see me for a review of a specific stitch so that they can boost their grade. Students who were absent on Friday also will meet with me tomorrow to get demo of stitches missed.

Beginner Fashion

Teacher introduces new unit, fashion croqui drawing. She uses online tool, nearpod for her presentation which allows for more student interaction during the lesson. Students can draw on images from their chromebooks and answer questions. Teacher covers topics of S-curve, action lines (shoulder and hip lines), balance line, proportion, and fashion figure body length. Throughout the lesson, teacher continuously asks students questions before showing answers to keep them intrigued and interacting. She constantly demonstrates body stances and asks them to stand up and do the poses they discuss. I give some suggestions and tips to help them remember action lines on the figure.