Intermediate & Advanced Fashion

Today is the first day of the new unit, Embroidery. It is the first day of my 3-day lesson on embroidery and stitches. This lesson is an introduction to their embroidery project. Some reflections of today’s lesson:


  • Time management: We did not get to actually begin to sew the 2 stitches because we took too much time prepping and setting up for actual sewing. Also, we did not get to the summary/evaluation exit ticket questions because of lack of time.
  • Preparedness: I should have pre-prepped all materials and have them ready at the commencing of class. My mentor and I had to stop to cut threads and cut burlap fabric pieces.
  • Differentiation: I noticed that some students were done before others and went ahead to start sewing because they were a little advanced and maybe already had some background knowledge. For those students, I should have had the video up on google classroom for them to access and continue on their own.


As a result of this, I had to change up my lesson plan for the next day, my observation lesson.

Fashion/Art Club

Students are introduced to the “Ocean Challenge”. Students are to create sea creatures using recycled materials provided to them. For every sea creature submitted, $4 will be given in support of ocean conservation and programs supporting youth in coastal communities.