Intermediate & Advanced Fashion

Today I had the opportunity to lead the class. The class teacher was absent and sent me a message that morning before school started. She let me know she wasn’t going to be in and that she wanted me to lead the class. She wanted me to quickly review with the class the lesson vocabulary from the day before. She also told me to provide them with a deadline for when their croquis should be transferred to tracing paper and ready for rendering. At the beginning of the period, I allowed the sub to take the attendance. I then reviewed with the class the previous lesson. I let them know what they should be working on for the remainder of the period. I reminded them that their croquis should be on marker paper by Tuesday so if they needed to take paper with them home to finish they should. I also asked if anyone still needed to meet with me to resolve any issues in their sketch to let me know so I can approve them before tracing it on to marker paper. I walk around helping students and monitoring what they are working on. When the period was close to being over, I reminded them of their assignment and asked them to put away whatever materials they had been using.


Beginner Fashion

Students complete their 3 motif designs and move on to tracing it 4 times on 4 small cut out squares of tracing paper. The teacher and I check each student’s selection and they begin to trace the motif once they get our approval.  We check for symmetry on all sides of the motif as well as for an even pattern repeat.