Intermediate & Advanced Fashion

Today was my observation lesson! The lesson went much better than I had expected. I was very nervous and I think everyone could tell by my voice because it kept cracking all the time.  However, overall I think it went very well. The class participated tremendously. My time management worked out perfectly. There was just enough time for everything in my lesson plan and I still had time to summarize and give them their homework assignment. I also could tell the students had really learned something from my lesson by the way they responded to activities and questions. At the end of my lesson, I met with Professor Scandura and he recommended a couple of things but, at the end gave me an A- for my observation grade. Some things I know I can improve on or do better for next time is:


  • Send in my lesson plan at least 3 days in advance to Prof. Scandura. (This is what gave me an A- instead of an A.)
  • Be sure to include/indicate a ELL adjustment or accomodation in my lesson plan or say “none needed”.
  • Maybe have students come up closer to mannequin instead of having them sitting at their desks. This will get them to interact more in the demo part of the lesson.
  • While the students were working on the Do Now independently, the teacher (my mentor) advised me to tell the students they can share their ideas with the person next to them. The room was very quiet at first but, as soon as I made that announcement, the class immediately began having discussions. We both looked at each other and smiled. It’s almost as if they were waiting to get that okay so they share with each other.


Beginner Fashion

Students complete their 3 motif designs and move on to tracing it 4 times on 4 small cut out squares of tracing paper. The teacher and I check each student’s selection and they begin to trace the motif once they get our approval.  We check for symmetry on all sides of the motif as well as for an even pattern repeat.