Difficulties In Research Seminar

One of the biggest difficulties in this course of composing and conducting a research is definitely time management. The fact that our lives can be consumed with so much other personal things. However, a little challenge never hurts anyone. This class is preparing us for the next step after our undergraduate studies, which is the master’s.

Would You Like That With or Without Room Service?

Hotels have always been my favorite part of taking trips on vacations. Getting the chance to experience home away from home, with that exclusive room service, continental breakfast, and all other amenities. Getting to stay at most high end hotels have been difficult for most travelers who have the desire to be easy on their wallets. Some guests just want that bed to sleep in overnight and not really have that interest in the excess services that hotels have to offer today.

Then came AirBnb. This is a rental site where travelers go to look for cheaper options to book an overnight stay in an AirBnb host’s apartment, house, condo, etc. Certain researches have reveal that AirBnb have reached profitable peaks that hotels have acquired to make. It’s really interesting how you can be really considerate on how much you’re spending for an overnight stay.



My name is Carlisle Forrester. You may call me Carl for short. I am currently a junior at the New York City College of Technology studying Hospitality Management. In this industry, I have a primary focus in hotel management. I am a practical, warm, dependable individual who is determined to achieve anything in this industry.

My hobbies on the side of hospitality, are food photography and spoken word. I’ve been writing poetry since high school and performing since my freshman year in high school. I see this and food photography has more of a stress reliever and a craft that I would never grow out of.


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