About Me

My name is Christopher Feliz. I am a high school graduate from Bronx Coalition Community High School and I currently attend New York City College of Technology studying for a associates in production management because I am interested in the business side of the graphic arts. Before I used to like drawing and have creativity but as years went by I seem to have lost my drive and spark, But when I see what graphic designers can do and see their creativity go out, it makes me want to try and see if I regardless it does not mean I do not like graphic arts. Actually even a guy like me can appreciate a good drawing or a great snapshot now and then. Personally im a big fan of scenery images and would like to mess around in things like that. But ever since I been taking production management even I have some fun in learning different kinds of types and how to fix/change page layouts.

Currently my areas of expertise lies in using InDesign and some Photoshop skills and I hope I can improve on them as time goes by here in my college life. My knowledge of the two is limited but even then it has helped me make a few things that helped me get by but honestly. I want to get better, I want to know more so I can be confident in what im doing so I can go somewhere with this. That’s what keeps me going.

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