ChipKit Max32/MX7 Monitoring Quadcopter Project

Project Description:

Monitoring humans or animals, in a convenient and cost effective way, is one of the major areas of technological research and development today. Cutting Edge Innovations (CEI) has an idea that is cost effective and implementable.

Our idea involves the construction of an unmanned quadrotor helicopter. This helicopter would be outfitted with monitoring devices. These monitoring devices would have the capabilities of locating and recording the status of an object, by using sensors, receivers, and cameras. The data would then be made available to a central command and control location.


“Monitoring” is used within the context of obtaining information about the status or condition of an object. Other words that will be used synonymously, within this same context are surveillance, reconnaissance and sensing. Monitoring, as it relates to this project, is applied as remote monitoring. Implying that the information obtained is obtained from a comparatively far distance away from the object under surveillance. The information obtained is then transmitted to a command and control location for analysis. (To be continued)

Advisor: Professor Dr. Wang

Mentor: Ali Harb

Team members: Paul Julien, Ryan Lawrence, Costa Lales, Husain Rahim, Kemar White,

Team Goal:

To build a monitoring device that would monitor
the location of human beings or animals; to transmit the information obtained
from detection, to a central command and control location, for analysis.

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