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Hotel Review, The Playland Motel in Brooklyn

Whether you are a Franchise or Corporate hotel, this is exactly the type of review that you do not want for your property. I highly encourage entrepreneurs to create more and more local businesses in order to help their community growth. So many of us felt the “leftovers” of hurricane Sandy , I really mean it, but this should be used as a reason to even do a better job! This hotel had everything to start fresh, from the bottom, and offer so many great amenities to its guests. Nowadays more people are traveling locally. Guests want to experience their community products and services. I am really sorry, and apologize on behalf of those guests that did not have a memorable experience with the Playland Motel. It does not matter the size of the property, whether it is a 1200 room property, or 200; service is service! I also understand space in the city is limited across the board, but when designing a hotel room, owners must take into account the room set up. Will this guest be able to move their suitcases? Would they be able to open the luggage rack? How many guests can this room comfortably hold? This property “has” everything to be successful! It is on a great location, close to the city, within steps from the beach, attractive rates, but all of these is seemed by the guest as nothing if their experience goes wrong. It is extremely important that a guest’ stay is flawless from the beginning, because this will set the tone until the last day of their stay. Most guests give low scores and bad reviews to hotels just because their checking process was not ok, or simply because their coffee was cold. This is why it is so important to ensure the guest is taken care of from start to finish. It is the right thing!

Cornelio’s Snapshot

Thank you for reading my profile. It is my pleasure and honor to have you on my page. My name is Cornelio Encarnacion. I am a Hospitality Management student of City Tech. I started to enjoy the hospitality industry almost 10 years ago. My first work experience was as a Service Promise Agent, which was a program that Sheraton Hotels was running at the time. 2 years later, I became a GSA (Guest Service Agent). In this role I experienced the pleasure of going above and beyond for the guest by providing those “little things” that matter and make the difference. 3 years later, I was promoted as a Front Office Supervisor in another Sheraton Hotel in New York City. In this role, I did not only continue enjoying the day to day interaction with the guest, but also had the opportunity of connecting with every department of the hotel. 1 year later, I became a Revenue Analyst; I do not get to interact with the guest as much as I used to, but it gives me the benefit of better understanding the business side of the hotel industry; controlling rooms allotment, working with different market managers, making decisions that will make a difference on the hotel’s performance (rates, rooms, etc). I enjoy very much working with all the hotel departments and the interaction with the guest. At the end of the day, we all are travelers and want to feel special.