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As I walked into the office of the Women’s Press Collective, a buzz of excitement was around me and thus, Day one of my internship began in and hectic way. Lisa Daniell, my supervisor did a short morning briefing, as preparation was well underway for The Women’s Press Collective International Women’s Day. Thus, the program and other printed materials were set in gear and had to be ready by March 3, for that memorable event which I attended.


Day Two began the design process. At the initial stage my supervisor gave me the content and asked me to simply type set it into an InDesign document. Thus, I gathered content toggling back and forth from previous programs. Cutting and Pasting information as I went along, until I had all I need to begin the actual layout.


The process continued and the actual design began to take shape. On this day I began the layout and started choosing colors and fonts that would enhance the overall composition. This project became a collaborated projected which I did with another intern.

This is the Final design for Women’s Press Collective International Women’s Day Event

This is the inside page of the program


On day four I had to make somewhat of a detour at the supervisor’s request and help put the finishing layout to a booklet called “Mind Of A Menace” by a young man called Akeem. His project contains poems that he has written over a period of time of life in Brooklyn.

This is the front cover of the booklet.


Day five was spent putting the finishing touches to the entire printed materials. Such working were in the form of  creating fliers, name tags and badges for the International Women’s Day event.


On day six I was glad to change to pace as I interacted with a young woman working on her magazine called “The New Counter Culture” featuring the main article “The Creativist”. As we sat side by side working on the cover,  interchanging who sits in the “design” chair I curiously asked her what’s the story? Of which she began talking about “millennia’s” and her generation in terms of culture, music and the social sphere. I listened intently ever so often stopping to interject a question when I wasn’t clear of the words she was using. Overall, she was happy with the composition.

This is the front book cover



Day seven was an exciting day. We started the layout of the inside pages of the magazine. The overall colors ranged from blue to orange in various hues.

This is the magazine’s lead story.

This page contains an article important to “Millennials”.

Another inside page.


Today was another productive day. I again got to work on the young lady, Melissa’s magazine. I must hasten to add that she is quite imaginative and takes the initiative to make suggestions. As  we sat side by side, I listened and made changes to the composition. There was a border that needed adding, Illustrations that needed inserting and resizing. The Illustrations are mainly to showcase the “Art” concept of the magazine. Still, this idea is not totally finesse.

Illustration concept 1

Illustration concept 2

Illustration concept 3


page border concept


Today was a learning experience day. I moved away from the computer and took my place in front of an antique Typewriter. I must hasten to say that it was no easy task. I used my one finger to poke at the keys as I update various member file. It was a good experience.

Antique Typewriter.



On this day the office buzz with the sound of Type Writers and with each click I got that nostalgic feel of what it used to be before computer and digital applications became prevalent. I had the experience of updating master files and secondary files of the organization’s Collective Endeavor’s magazine mailing list. This is an annual winter magazine that is sent out to the organization’s many members and donors alike. Thus, envelops had to be stuff and the data base had to be updated. Missing names had to be added, old information had to be updated and in the midst of doing this “non design” task I was able to learn and get a glimpse into another aspect of what the organization was all about.

Antique Typewriter Used To Update Files.

Some of the Organization’s Data.

Work in Progress.


The journey of my internship at Women’s Press Collective was a pleasant one. Lisa, my supervisor was very genuine. She took the time to explain and show me how the office was run on a day to day basis. She empowered me with useful knowledge that would help me as I venture out into the real world. I had the opportunity to used my design skills, but most importantly I was given a first hand experience dealing with people in a variety of ways. I also had the awesome experience of going back to the “old” way of things – I got to use a Typewriter. I must hasten to add that it is not as easy as it looks. Never the less I kept at it and was able to update the organization’s file in a timely manner. Each design session came with a new way of creating a concept, because each individual was different. Overall, as must as I expended I received in return. Hence, my internship was a successful one.