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I am not a fan of taking photograph’s especially editing videos, although ironically I love to record myself. In fact I have a bunch of videos of my family and I since I was 16 years old. I think about it like my journals I can look back at them and remember vividly a lot of my past. It’s historically significant for my family and I. I’ve been doing video’s for over 5 years. When given the assignment to record someone else in the class room, I was excited because not only do I like to record myself but, meeting new people and getting to know them, and just listening to there perspective on life is extremely interesting. I didn’t care whom I got for the interview because I knew what I wanted to ask and why. I thought of it as a informational session. The most difficult part of this assignment was actually editing my video and having to make it 2 minutes. It was dreadful for me because I loved hearing and experiencing everything within the actual 4 minutes that Mikaela, my partner for the project and I talked. What I used to edit my video was Imovie, its an app in used mainly in macs. I used my ipod to edit the footage and try to shorten it as much as possible. For the most part I was able to handle trimming down, and deleting parts that were either irrelevant or too long. Although  the most difficult asset to me was having to add in text. I didn’t know where to include the text, or how it would fit perfectly into the video therefore I ended up not including text at all. For the most part this project was fun. I enjoyed the experience; and I enjoyed gaining insight on how it is that people edit videos.