The very first design is a sunset and was created through illustrator and has a city view in black at the very bottom. I wanted to create a vision where you see the city from a far point of view, I feel like sunset’s and nature goes hand and hand with my quote.







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Visual quote 2The second visual quote fits perfectly with my quote due to the simplicity with the image at the very bottom, it has a man on a journey walking through the woods the font is cursive similar to the first, I wanted this to remain simple but also cheerful and inspiring.






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VISUAL QUOTE 3the final visual clearly is another associated with nature and I edited the depiction of the photo on illustrator to create a bit of texture. I wanted to create emphasis on the mountains characterize them as bumpy obstacles that we all face throughout our lives. The font that I chose for this final has more of a historic feel to it and I felt like it fits perfectly with the mountains because he reminds me of a journey and a map guiding us through the journey.






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 What I wanted for this sketch was an image of a map that displayed the emotions that we all face in life such as pain happiness and other factors like family. I put those words into parts of the map. Then I wanted to incorporate the phrase so that it could be more or less like a trail through the map.





 This was the final sketch I wanted to create a road and within the road, I tried to create a 3D effect where the image allows your eyes to flow deeply into the picture. I was having a hard time finding a placement for the quote so ultimately I ended up not using the idea in my final.








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