Spring Break Assignment

20140428_090816TEXT WRAP & AESTHETIC

If you take a look at this ad you can easily see there is a clear use of texting wrapping for the words surrounding the car and the male figures head. In this ad the text itself is placed on top of the image and has been carefully placed on a path in two places. The first major text path being for the words “Ford Fiesta” which move along the top of the predominantly forward facing diagonally parked car from it’s front, up the windshield and on to the roof. The type sits not too close and not too far with distance of about 3 picas between the text and the car. One other cool aspect is the way they have manipulated the font around the male figures head. The word here is “Fuel-Efficient” in all caps and sits on top of the previously mentioned words and extends further to the right. For this I like how they have made the text very playful and look hand drawn. The way the capital letters get smaller and bigger again to wrap themselves around the male figures head is a fun way to play with font. It also goes along with the overall mood of the ad, which as you can see is like a photo collage of a trip done by probably the male in the photo. The font is not contained in any real restricted areas and playfully moves freely across the page.

I’ve really chosen this ad because of the sense of feeling it has given me while looking at it. Not only has it inspired me to get more playful with my designs using fonts, but it has also given me the feeling of wanting to go on a trip. It’s like saying to someone…”You Could Be Here”. This is a perfect ad for someone my age during spring break. It’s fun, it gets the point across for the new car with affordable fuel efficiency and leaves the viewer with something to remember.


The magazine i’ve chosen to compare is ELLE magazine. I can describe it has a fun fashion forward magazine aimed at people ages 21 and older. The design layout of the magazine is very reminiscent of a well organized scrapbook/journal with almost every image containing a huge smiles from studio loving models and event crazy celebs/ employees. There are lots of multi image page layouts with some being organized in a square/rectangular manner and others with more scrap book collage like feel. Many of the pages reviewing and recommending items remind me of a big table of contents in some other magazines I have seen. There is lots of play with fonts where they sometimes change 3-4 times on a single page.

Upon visiting there website I immediately got that table of contents feeling, but with a higher sense of organization and elegance. Not as playful with fonts as their print counter part, but still very effective and easy to read. They have created for themselves a site where the visitors would want to come back day after day to receive updated news on celebs and fashion icons. I think the simplicity of the site and the minimalist approach to how it is structure is what really sets it apart from the print version which is more sporadic…you almost never know what will come next. The site is more straight forward with a simple image and title and all you have to do is click and go straight to the article. There is no collage like articles, which I feel takes away from the fun of the magazine. Overall, I think the print is for younger adults, while the web is for more focused and serious fashion heads.