Self Evaluation

During my time at my internship I have been able to learn more features of the Maya software, I didn’t know about before.  During that time I also learned new animation skills, such as, to never leaving any part of the character still even if it is only a slight movement. It will allow the animation to look fluid and natural. I also learned features pertaining to the camera and its placement. I learned that the camera placement could drastically change the mood of the whole scene, making tense if it is up close or triumphant if it is placed looking up at a character.

There are so many kind people I’ve worked with as well. Everyone is so helpful to each other, like when there is a problem with a scene there was no problem asking for help. Everyone there even had similar interests as me, so it was really easy to strike up a conversation. Which helped me to become a little more sociable. Over all my internship helped me to not just gain experience in animation, but also it showed me that it’s okay to ask for help every once and a while.internship experience

 MAYA Software

Look at MAYA Software setup