I recently visited The Nassau County Museum Exhibit Blue as well as The Digital Museum at Cooper Hewitt and may I say both these museums inspired me. The First Galley Expressed with the color Blue you’ll see the History of Modernism. Most of these pieces in this gallery had me interested but one truly took my breath away and it was The “Metropolitan Museum Interior” By Mark Innerst. This painting has many beautiful nuances, such as the Highlights were done to perfection and The form the Arch has taken is very elegant and well done.

When I eventually visited The Cooper Hewitt I was breath taken by an artwork done by Ken Wong, he made a digital poster and based it on Monument Valley Game and this piece really stuck out to me because I can imagine the process in which Ken Wong made this piece and the process is what truly inspires me just as much as the beautiful architecture he made in his piece. The Meduim is very cool too Video Game on an Ipad.

The Last Piece in The Cooper Hewitt that inspired me was a piece by Kris Sowersby she created a digital print that showcased type. This print shows great Typography and showcases creative type very well done. I see this piece as more of a lesson because i can look at the typography on this piece and it teaches me great type specifications and unique forms of type.