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I began to notate and enjoy particular parts of the work environment at Top Captain’s office. I loved that the atmosphere was fun and laid back but also very fast paced. I liked the fact that there was no dress code implemented and the employees including myself were able to come as they were. However, being that I was hired as an intern I kept it very simple when it came to my attire and opted for a casual look wearing button up shirts and Dark jeans. During Week three I noticed that there weren’t any dedicated workstations and the office was basically an open work area with two computer desks, a couch and many racks and shelves for clothing. I liked the open work space layout of the office and it often helped with my creativity. The typical work day at this company is about 8 hours or more so having a comfortable work space was very important for me. One perk that I found out about and enjoyed was the owner would buy lunch for all of the employees every Friday.

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