Suspense Story

Scene 1 –

As the camera flies over Main Street, we hear a conversation had by a doctor and his team. Among the gibberish, we can clearly hear him say “ he will be faster.”

The camera flies unto and through the window to show the dramatic scene in the dimly lit room.

Te head doctor focuses his attention  on the patient as he cuts into the body. He will be faster.

The operation is now over and the team is tired from their long work.

The head doctor sits in front of the patient who lays motionless on the operating table.

The doctor whispers, “H will finally get what he deserves.”

Scene 2 –

Two weeks later, on a hollywood lot, a commercial is being filmed for a children’s breakfast cereal.

Inside studio 2,  cameras begin to roll and the the director yell, “ACTION!”

Two kids sit at a table to enjoy a bowl of cereal, when a cute bunny steps into the shot and tries to pour himself a bowl.

One of the kids takes away the cereal from the bunny and says, “Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For…” The bunny interrupts the child with a violent shout and disrobing, to reveal his newly acquired muscles and Wolverine claws.

The angry rabbit sinks his claws into the child and lifts him up, as he shouts, “GIVE ME THAT BOX OF TRIX!!”

The studio is left in shock, as the rabbit  sits to finally enjoy his bowl of cereal.

Suspense Storyboard