Homework #2 (The Unsuspected Visitor on the Sound) Story

Homework #2 (The Unsuspected Visitor on the Sound)

On a clear and Sunny day, the view of the Long Island Sound is enjoyed by many adults and children from Northport Park.

The crowd’s attention is fixed on the luxury yachts and sailboats so they don’t notice the figure that pops up from under the pier.

The scuba diver takes out a saw as we anticipate the next move.

From the distance, a police boat races toward the diver, who is half way through cutting a hole in the side of a boat when they hear the siren. The diver turns to see what direction the police boat was coming from and if he was spotted. The boat draws closer. The sirens grow louder.

The diver begins to worry, but the job is done. The yacht begins to take in water. The diver shows hopelessness as any possible exit strategy may not be possible. The police boat has now reached the pier but  are left without a suspect and with a sunken yacht.

From the park’s promenade, a female figure, with wet clothes and watery trail, joins an unsuspecting crowd that have gathered to watch the investigation.