Lab Equipment

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Thinky Mixer: Thinky arm 310 mixture enables simultaneous mixing and degeneration of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixture by centrifugal force: rotation and revolution. Application of this equipment goes from polymer processing biomedical materials.                                                        Specifications: Speed: Revolution Speed РMaximum 2,000 rpm, Rotation Speed Р60 rpm

Vacuum Bagging System: Take a typical hand lay-up for making composites one step further with vacuum bagging. Once layers of reinforcement and resin are laid-up by hand, the laminate is sealed in an air-tight environment, like a vacuum bag, and connected to a vacuum source. Vacuum is applied, creating mechanical pressure on the laminate throughout the cure cycle.

Specification: HERTZ Р60Hz , AMPS Р12.0, Voltage- 120V

Shake Table: The Shake table was designed and fabricated at the lab in order to mix materials with various viscosity and physical appearance.

Specifications: Lateral vibration – 5hZ , sample diversion – 2 in diameter cup


Micro Balance: A microbalance,  can deliver the highest precision of all lab balances. This high sensitivity in microbalance design allows for the weighing of sample quantities with weight as low as 30  g.

Specifications: Micro-balances offer a capacity of up to 10.1 g with readability down to 1 g (0.000001g).

Nano Spinner:The stand-alone basic electrospinning system is designed for low-cost, small scale nanofiber research,producing results from a single-nozzle configuration in a compact unit. Spinning distance, flow rate and applied voltage are all easily controlled in horizontal or vertical spinning mode.

Specification: Flow chart Р0.01-1000mil/h, flow rate precision Р0.01 ml/h, 0-40 kV

Optical Microscope: Optical microscopy is a technique employed to closely view a sample through the magnification of a lens with visible light

Specification:¬†Eyepiece lens – 10x or 15x power, Power Supply – 110V , Focusing Range: 1-3/16″ (30mm)


Tensile Testing Machine: Tensile Testing Machine is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials.

Specification: Force –¬†up to 600 kN (135 kip)

Rockwell Hardness Tester: The Rockwell test determines the hardness by measuring the depth of penetration of an indenter under a large load compared to the penetration made by a preload.

Specifications: Tensile strength Р110-363 Lb/In2 77 Р266 Kg/cm2

Carver Hot Press: The Carver Hot Press is used for molding laminating, embossing and bonding of various materials in a laboratory setting.

Specifications:¬†bed size 9×9 ” load 25 ton, temperature – 460 C


Environment Controlled 1400 C Box Furnace

Environment Controlled Furnace: This furnace is capable in heating continuously upto 1350  C. Additional feature of this furnace is the ability to maintain various environmental conditions inside the chamber.