Proposals and Grants

  • Accepted/awarded-
    • GRTI-22- $24000- Thermal Evaluation of Eco efficient Biomaterials and Geothermal Composites
    • GRTI 21-$16000-Thermal processing of Eco efficient Biomaterials and Functional Composites 
    • GRTI-20 – $34200
    • ARDEC White paper– Advanced Materials for Energy Harvesting- 11/15/2016.
    • CFN user proposal – ‘To explore a new class of ferroelectric material and evaluate the potential effect of nanomaterials in spontaneous electric polarization’ at Brook Haven National Laboratories ( – ID 35366) (08/15/16-10/15/18).
    • CUNY-RF research grant (04/ 2017) – 3500$.
    • Travel grant for presentation at SUNY undergraduate research conference, 04/2016-1500$
  • Submitted as per request
  •    MUREP Institutional research opportunity (MIRO) Group 7- 2/28/2019

Solicitation organization: NASA

Title: Advancing the Nation’s STEM Education and Workforce Pipeline: MIRO Research                   Center for Metal Additive Manufacturing (MRCMAM)

  • US ARMY Contracting command– W911SR‐14‐2‐0001 RPP‐1718- Full proposal- Flexible and Stretchable Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Nano-generator Using the Smart Combination of Composite Materials.
  • NYU MRSEC Seed Proposal– Functionality in Geopolymers: A New Paradigm-$10,000.