Taking Everything In

Since the beginning of my internship with Ayaka Nishi I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! In fact, I find the East Village Neighborhood of Manhattan, so charming that I always get off twenty minutes away from the studio, grab a cup of coffee or green juice as I enjoy the scenery.

My favorite part about working with Ms. Nishi is that I never work on the same thing. It keeps the experience fun and refreshing, since I never know what she’s going to ask me to do. One day I can be editing photos, or photographing a new collection, or creating content for her instagram page. ┬áMost recently I designed the Newsletter we sent out to over 600 people. I was shocked to learn that she even gained some new subscribers. My jaw had nearly dropped after realizing my instagram account went up fifty followers in one day after posting a piece I illustrated.

At the end of the day, I’m actually grateful my first internship didn’t work out because I landed such a great opportunity.┬áPlus there’s a pretty great ramen spot up the block!