1. Write out your design goal, why are you taking the class?
Sheba: I’m taking this class in hopes of viewing the world differently. Understanding and seeing my artwork differently.

2. What type of work inspires you? what else inspires you?
Sheba: I’m inspired by emotions, nature, animation, words, cultures, comics, food, and travel. Some of my favorites include: Neil Gaiman, Dave mckean, Jim Henson, Clive Barker, Ralph Serrano, and more.

3. What is your preferred design process – how do you like to work? (i.e. coding, on the computer, with a marker, pencil, in small notebooks, murals, collages, planned out, spontaneous, etc.)
Sheba: I work with acrylics, spray paint, pens, sharpies, water color markers, Indian Ink, and collage materials. I prefer working alone, and tend to do so during the witching hour or somewhere in nature. I recently had the opportunity to travel with other artists to create murals in two towns in Puerto Rico.

4. What types of projects would you be interested in collaborating on?
Sheba: I would like to collaborate on mixed media projects, and animation projects down the line.