Design Journal #16

3 Companies I would work for are creative and tech integrated companies. All promoting social networking, connecting with cilents, and promoting ideas.

F) Tonal progression: is a succession of color mixtures proceeding from dark to light.

In) Progression of a color from light to dark.

Visual Example

F) Shade: a darkened area in a drawing, painting, etc. -merriamwebster

In) A darkened area in a composition

Visual Example

F) Tint: a color or a variety of a color; hue.

In) Another shade of color. Mixed with white to create a lighter hue.

Visual Example

F) Tone: refers to the light and dark values used to render a realistic object, or to create an abstract composition. When using pastel, an artist may often use a colored paper support, using areas of pigment to define lights and darks, while leaving the bare support to show through as the mid-tone.

In) Are the light and dark values of a composition

Visual Example