Week 8 Production: Marshmallows and Candied Fruits

On October 24th the Candies and Bon Bons class produced various flavors of marshmallows as well as candied fruits. Team A made¬†orange marshmallows¬†and¬†candied ginger.¬†Team B made¬†rose marshmallows¬†and¬†candied orange rind.¬†Team C made¬†peppermint marshmallows¬†and¬†candied grapefruit rind.¬†Team D¬†made¬†cassis marshmallows and¬†candied pineapple. The candied fruits were not able to be brought home on the same day of production due to the fact that they needed time to rest/dry. Each marshmallow produced came out with a lovely flavor that wasn’t too over powering. As for the candied fruits, tasting will be done on October 31st.