Candies and Bonbons HMGT 4977/495 9/26/19

I had an opportunity to serve as a Chef today. I was excited and slightly nervous. But the class went pretty well. I would like to first thank everybody for working attentively on their assignments. I would also like to thank my steward, Michelle for helping me out and the other team members. I noticed that all the students had read the recipes and were well- prepared for the class. students set up entire mise en place before we began class. I was happy to see that all the members of the team were eager to help one another whenever they had a chance to do so.

Although we made a variety of the products, I want to concentrate on praline, I know this recipe originated in Europe, but different variations and versions of it can be found all over the world and we were doing American cream based product today. I think everyone did great on the praline. However, salted butter caramel turned out a soft than the usual, also tamarind caramel team got wrong tamarind past and recipe did not work out well, but donā€™t look at that as a negative thing but more of a positive learning experience. On the other hands the Halvahs from the week prior truly did set up nice in the fridge and had a great texture. My team and I were enjoying the process of making candy. No matter how strange it may seem, I believe if a chef and his crew is not enjoying the process of creating whether foods, pastries, or candy the outcome cannot be great.

waiting for softball stage (238 degrees).
waiting for softball stage (238 degrees)


Professors demonstration of incorporating air into the fudge to cool it.
Professors demonstration of incorporating air into the fudge to cool it


Ā cutting up fudge
Ā Plating for fudge and pralin
Ā orange caramels
Ā tamarind caramels
Ā Finish and packing boxes



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