Candies and Bonbon Class—-Thick Candies (Week 3)

For today’s services, we made meltaways and Turkish delights and halvah. During this product, we had some problems, but as a group, our product came out nice and delicious. We did have one team that made a mistake in their product, where we had to re-do it. The orange halvah was much stickier thicken then what it should be. It had an artificial taste, due to the flavoring that the team picked. It was a nice lesson to learn and their team made a second batch. The second time it came out delicious. All the meltaways were nicely made, but everyone had an issue cutting it because it kept cracking. The meltaways were all smooth and melted away quickly in our mouth.

Pistachio Halvah
Pistachio Halvah cut in the middle.
Adding the orange dye for color
The toasted cashew for the halvah, which gave it some height
The Matcha Meltawys cut into slice then cubes


Team A first product. It needed to be re-done. The flavor was lacking but it was intersecting experiment.
Matcha Meltaways
The second batch of the orange Turkish delight
Plating of the Orange Turkish Delight
All of the products we made for today production
Rose Water Turkish delight
Praline Meltaways
Peanut Butter Meltaways

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